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Born and Bred Dance Theatre currently run two weekly classes for adults. The classes run on Wednesday evenings at Mossley Community Centre.

6:30pm – 7:30pm     Dance Exercise for ‘ladies of a certain age’

8pm – 9pm               Contemporary Dance

For more information on both classes please click here.


Here at Born and Bred Dance Theatre we think of ourselves as a ‘dance-in-education’ company. In other words education is always at the centre of our projects and thinking. We work extensively in schools, colleges and communities, supporting teachers and students with dance based study and curricular exploration. To get a better idea of how we can work with your school or community have a look at the Case Studies below:

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St. Peters Catholic Primary School, Stalybridge

Born and Bred Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Olivia Peers, has been working in St. Peters in Stalybridge for the past four years. Her job is to teach dance and to nurture not only the technical movement skills required to progress as a young dancer but to also nurture the children’s creativity. Most of the sessions are linked with what the children are studying in class. For example this term Year 4 were learning about the Ancient Greeks, so we used dance to explore the topic in a completely different and creative way. Olivia devised a series of sessions as she saw Year 4 on a weekly basis over a half term. At St. Peters it is lovely to have the freedom to teach dance, for dance sake so no performances came out of this half term. However this is set to change as we prepare for the Christmas show, which Olivia loves to choreograph each year…


Thomas Ashton Primary School

Contacting Thomas Ashton… This project was funded by Contact Theatre as part of their outreach programme for 2015 – 2016. Thomas Ashton is an EBSD school based in Hyde, Tameside. I worked with their Key Stage 3 pupils on an Arts Award Project where I took the role of Lead Facilitator and Project Manager. I organised for the students to take part in dance, drama and drumming sessions over a half term and used the art forms to explore the theme of anger. the workshops culminated in a performance using all three disciplines. As part of the project the group visited Contact to watch The Broke N Beat Collective perform, and took part in a spoken word workshop with a member of the collective. The project really inspired all the young people involved and 12 out of 14 students achieved their Explore Arts Award. (A video of this project can only be seen on request due to the sensitive nature of the young peoples current situations. Please take a look at our blog pages for more information about this project.)

Saddleworth School, Uppermill

Bringing dance excellence to local schools is what Born and Bred are all about so it was wonderful to work in Saddleworth School again after the success of our Dancestry project. We went in for a one-day wonder, where we worked with GCSE PE students to choreograph a contemporary dance piece for their GCSE PE Moderation day. Rather than simply teach a dance, we worked collaboratively with the students, setting them carefully chosen choreographic tasks that allowed students to take ownership of the material and perform to their maximum potential. A wonderful day where everyone worked hard!


What I can offer your school…

  • Workshops
  • After-school Clubs
  • Arts Award Projects
  • Bespoke Arts Projects
  • Project Management and Consultancy

If you would like more information about how we can work in you school, college or community please get in touch by emailing

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